Mountains of Adventure in Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro

Besides iconic mountains like Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa has many equally impressive mountains for adventure tourists to climb, bike, hike, snow ski, or cave-explore.

Mountain Heights

Before we delve into this list of African mountains, let’s determine the parameters used to define a mountain. By definition, a mountain is any land mass that rises abruptly from the Earth’s crust, with steep or sloping sides that expose bedrock, and a height that rises to peak at 610 metres or more above the surrounding surface. However, considering that 71% of the Earth’s crust lies below water, geologist measure land elevations from sea level using altitude (air pressure) to determine height.

Using above sea level as the parameter, some measures consider a mountain to be any land mass that rises 1,000 metres or more. If we used 1,000 metres above sea level as the parameter, just about every inland region would be a mountain. For example, Botswana, at 1,013 metres above sea level, would make every ant hill in the country a mountain. Of course, Botswana does have hills that rise 1,000 metres or more above sea level, but these only rise a few hundred metres above the surrounding landscape, like Monalanong Hill at 1,494 m or Tsodilo Hills at 1,375 m. Likewise, Tunisias mountains, despite having the Dorsal Mountains (part of the Atlas Range) running through its Western region, only peak between 1,174 m (Jebel Kesra) and 1,370 m (Jebel Mghila).

If we used volume as the parameter this would be a very short list. By volume, though, Mount Kilimanjaro is the largest stratovolcano (non-shield volcano) in the world in terms of base area (635 km2) and volume (4,739 km3).

To solve the measurement parameter dilemma for this article, we’ll consider a mountain to be a land mass that rises 2,000 metres or more above sea level (sorry, Botswana and Tunisia, you’ve missed being included in the list). Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa is also not included despite it being a major tourism attraction. On this basis then, here’s Walk For Africa’s list of mountains and mountain peaks by country.

List of Mountains in Africa by Country

AlgeriaMount Tahat2,918 mAhaggar Mountains
Djebel Chelia (Kaltum)2,328 mAur’s Mountains
Djebel Aissa2,236 mAtlas Mountain Range
Adrar Afao2,158 mTassili n’ Ajjer Mountains
AngolaMount Moco2,620 mHuambo Range
BurundiMount Heha2,684 mBurundi Highlands Mountains
Cape VerdeMount Fogo2,829 mStratovolcano
ChadEmi Koussi3,445 mTibesti Mountains
Equatorial GuineaPico Basile3,012 mCameroon line (Bioko island)
EthiopiaMount Ras Dejen (Dashen)4,533 mSimien Mountains
Mount Bwahit4,437 mSimien Mountains
Kidis Yared4,435 mSimien Mountains
Mount Ch’ok’ē4,307 mChoke Mountains
Amba Farit4,270 mAhmar Mountains
Abuna Yosef 4,260 mLasta Massive
Mount Guna4,120 mSimien Mountains
Mount Choqa4,100 mSimien Mountains
Jbel Erdouz3,579 mWest High Atlas Mountains
Gughe3,568 mBalta Mountains
Megezez3,565 mEastern Escarpment
Gara Guda / Kara Gada3,530 mSalale Mountains
Amonewas3,530 mChoqa Mountains
Abuye Meda3,505 mEastern Escarpment
CameroonMont Cameroon4,040 mMandara Mountain Range
Mont Chappal Waddi2,419 mMandara Mountain Range
Mont Manengouba2,411 mMandara Mountain Range
Mont Batcha2,097 mMandara Mountain Range
Mont Koupe2,064 mMandara Mountain Range
Mont Nana2,045 mMandara Mountain Range
Mont Etinde1,713 mMandara Mountain Range
Mont Yawou1,530 mMandara Mountain Range
Côte d’IvoireMont Richard-Molard (Nimba)1,752 mDix-Huit Montagnes Mountains
Democratic Republic
of Congo
Mount Emin4,798 mRwenzori Mountains
Sabyinyo3,634 mMitumba Mountains
Mont Mohi3,480 mMitumba Mountains
Gahinga3,474 mVirunga Mountains
Nyiragongo3,470 mVirunga Mountains
KenyaMount Kenya (Batian peak)5,199 mEastern Rift Mountains
Mount Kenya (Nelion peak)5,188 mEastern Rift Mountains
Mt Kenya Lenana Point4,985 mEastern Rift Mountains
Mount Satima4,001 mAberdare Mountain Range
Mount Kinangop3,902 mAberdare Mountain Range
Chemnirot3,530 mCherangani Hills
LesothoThabana Ntlenyana3,482 mDrakensberg (Maloti) Range
Mafadi3,450 mDrakensberg (Maloti) Range
MalawiMount Mulanje (Sapitwa Peak)3,002 mMulanje Mountain Range
MorroccoMount Toubkal4,324 mAtlas Mountain Range
M’Goun4,071 mAtlas Mountain Range
Jbel Tinergwet3,551 mWest High Atlas Mountain Range
Igoudamene3,519 mCentral Atlas Mountain Range
RwandaMount Karisimbi4,507 mAlbertine Rift (Virunga Mountains)
South AfricaThaba Putsoa3,455 mDrakensberg (Maloti) Range
Njesuthi3,408 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Champagne Castle3,377 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Lithobolog3,375 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
kaNtuba Peak3,366 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Trojan Wall3,354 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
kaNtuba Buttress3,344 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Yodler’s Peak3,338 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Pampiring & Red Wall peaks3,337 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Botlolong3,333 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Popple & Khoko-Ntso peaks3,331 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Ship’s Prow3,325 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Sehonghong Peak3,324 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Nkosozana Peak3,318 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Giant’s Castle3,315 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Mashai3,313 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Mohlesi3,310 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Redi3,309 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Walker’s Peak3,306 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Yodler’s Ridge & Sanqebethu3,301 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Mount Durnford3,296 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Mont-aux-Sources3,282 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Cleft Peak3,281 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Namahadi Peak3,275 mDrakensberg (Maloti), Free State
Monk’s Cowl3,229 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Cathkin Peak3,148 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
The Tent3,130 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Didima Dome3,078 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
The Hawk3,077 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Rhino Peak3,056 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Thumb Spur Peak3,055 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Devil’s Knuckles3,028 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
KwaDuma3,019 mDrakensburg, Eastern Cape
Cathedral Peak3,004 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Ben Macdhui3,001 mDrakensburg, Eastern Cape
Twins Top3,000 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Sterkhorn2,973 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Sani Pass2,876 mDrakensburg Mountains, KZN
Ribbokkop2,829 mRooiberge, Free State
Cairntoul2,826 mDrakensburg, Eastern Cape
Edge Hill2,725 mWitteberge, Eastern Cape
Balloch Peak2,648 mWitteberge, Eastern Cape
Compassberg2,502 mSneeuberge, Eastern Cape
Visierskerf Peak2,470 mWitteberge, Eastern Cape
Mount Horeb2,418 mDrakensberg (Maloti), Free State
Platberg Mountain2,394 mDrakensberg (Harrismith), Free State
The Great Winterberg2,371 mWinterberg, Eastern Cape
Die Berg2,331 mSteenkampsberge, Mpumalanga
Seweweekspoortpiek2,325 mKlein-Swartberge, Western Cape
Mount Anderson2,284 mDrakensberg, Mpumalanga
Matroosberg2,249 mHex River Mountains, Western Cape
Kriegersbaken2,156 mSneeuberge, Northern Cape
Ysterkroon2,126 mWolkberg, Limpopo
Groot Winterhoek2,077 mWinterhoek, Western Cape
Langeberg Mountains2,075 mCape Fold Belt, Western Cape
Sneeukop2,070 mSkurweberg, Western Cape
Serala2,050 mWolkberg, Limpopo
Sneeuberg2,028 mCederberg, Western Cape
TanzaniaMount Kilimanjaro5,895 m
Mount Meru4,565 m
Mount Teide3,718 m
Mount Hanang3,420 m
UgandaMargherita peak
(Mount Stanley)
5,109 mRwenzori Mountain Range
Vittorio Emanuele peak
(Mount Speke)
4,865 mRwenzori Mountain Range
Ensonga peak
(Mount Speke)
4,865 mRwenzori Mountain Range
Johnston peak
(Mount Speke)
4,834 mRwenzori Mountain Range
Mount Baker4,811 mRwenzori Mountain Range
Mount Gessi4,715 mRwenzori Mountain Range
Trident peak
(Mount Speke)
4,572 mRwenzori Mountain Range
ZimbabweMount Nyangani2,592 mUmkondo Group
List of mountains in Africa above 2000 metres by country

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