World globe with country committees wording

ADVENTURES begin at coUNTRY level

Our Country Co-Founders are the heroes and heroins of the Walk For Africa (W4A) relaunch. Without them, we cannot take a single step along our relaunch journey.

These are the people who drive our Mission, realise our Vision, and exemplify our Values.

Our co-founders in each African country are actively involved in all aspects of launching local sport and adventure tourism events. They work with government departments, such the departments of Tourism, Environment, and Conservation, as well as provincial and municipal departments, to obtain support and permits. They handle transportation, logistical issues, and contract local suppliers where possible. That’s the whole idea behind sustainable tourism – to spend money where it counts the most – with local communities.


Our co-founders in each country are supported by the W4A Group, which maintains the Events4All marketplace app, provides IT support and access to our bespoke outdoor event planning software, and provides the marketing, legal, and financial support necessary to organise successful and profitable outdoor events.



If you are a citizen of one of the African Union Member States, are actively involved in the Africa in-bound travel & tourism industry, and would like to get involved, please email and indicate which country you represent.