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Blog 2 showcases blog posts by Jaxx, the Siberian Husky, and his journey in a Jaguar iPace.

#Ride4Huskies Wrap-up

Jaxx the Siberian Husky

Jaxx, the Siberian Husky, has ended his #Ride4Huskies travelogue after riding 1,722 km over six days in the rear passenger seat doggy hammock installed in a Jaguar iPace all-electric SUV vehicle. I purchased the Pet Car Seat Cover for Dogs on Takealot for R299 (on special – usually R399). The car seat cover worked well […]

Waffles and Pooches

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we had to cancel last night’s stay at the pet-friendly Gracelands Beach Lodge in Ramsgate. Thankfully, The Fossil’s friend, Françoise Malby-Anthony, extended our stay at Garden On The Beach (aka Sorgente 101), so I got to walk along uMdloti beach again this morning! Yesterday afternoon, The Fossil and I drove the Toyota Corolla […]

A Garden On The Beach

We arrived in uMdloti at around 21h30 last night. “The traffic congestion along the N3 section from Pietermaritzburg to Durban was bumper-to-bumper because of a truck that overturned near Cato Ridge,” says The Fossil. “That’s why we arrived here so late!’. Personally, I think he just got lost (we weren’t driving the all-electric Jaguar iPace, so […]

The Jaguar and Buffalo

This morning I woke up at Nyati Valley Berg House (Nyati means Buffalo in Zulu. So, along with the Jaguar iPace, which should been called the Panther ’cause it’s black, we’re really getting into the animal theme of our road trip!). Today has been a long, long day. But I’ll tell you about that at […]

Pawing It Forward

Jaxx Husky with Desmond Langkilde

Today is a special day. Special because I’ve been spoilt by the super pet-friendly, pet loving, and pet grooming people at Mystical Pawprints. I’ve been groomed here before but this time the owner, Sharlene Thoma, insisted on sponsoring my grooming session in support of my #Ride4Huskies travelogue (that’s the hashtag to use if you’re sharing […]