Do you question why Big Social Media platforms use your data to generate their revenues? Do you want to benefit from a fair share of revenues generated by the community based on your efforts?

Do you want to protect your personal data while generating revenue to explore Africa? 

Are you an Africa-based travel trade business looking to stretch your marketing budget?

Well, now you can!



Ubuntu (pronounced: oǒ’boǒntoō) is an African (Nguni) term, which is most often translated as “I am because we are” (also “I am because you are”), or “humanity towards others”. The term became popular after Archbishop Desmond Tutu drew on the ubuntu concept to promote restorative justice and a community-centric ethos when he led South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which helped South Africa reckon with its history of apartheid.

The spirit of Ubuntu is founded on three core pillars, namely, interpersonal values, intrapersonal values and environmental values. Within these pillars are five core values: (financial) survival, spirit of solidarity, compassion, respect and dignity.

These Ubunti values have been upheld by many African societies for centuries, and its principles continue to be relevant today, especially in the context of promoting sustainable tourism in Africa.


Powered by DISEO, Ubuntu (for) Africa is the continent’s first decentralised tourism community. The mobile app for Android and iOS devices offers international and domestic users their own social profiles, with peer-to-peer communications, social media interactions, and social commerce with integrated wallets.

Ubuntu for All

Ubuntu Interaction

On the Ubuntu (for) Africa platform users interact with the ecosystem by:

  • Connecting with friends
  • Exploring tourism products and services
  • Sharing their experiences
  • Showing their images and videos
  • Chating with their connections
  • Calling their connections
  • Posting livestream videos & podcasts
  • Sending and spending money from their wallets.

Disrupting traditional advertising norms.
Instead of the Africa travel trade promoting their offerings on traditional and expensive advertising platforms, they join an alliance with you and other brands to increase their visibility. Fully automated and without costs – only a revenue share.
All benefit!

Ubuntu Alliances

Ubuntu Growth

On the Ubuntu (for) Africa platform, verified users earn for engagement and recommending. When they will tell their friends to join, they earn 0.1% lifetime revenue share from all transactions of their friends. This accelerates growth! Travel influencers, such as bloggers, can earn 10x more revenue than on other platforms. Influencers also earn 0.1% lifetime revenue share from all transactions of their friends.

WEB3 Fair. Ethical. Trusted. Inclusive. Diverse. Sustainable. Transparent.

U4A is not just another a platform –it’s a system, turning travel businesses into platforms, and users into revenue sharing travellers.


Users and content are shared among all interconnected platforms under the control of each platform to jointly gain a critical mass.


Users exclusively control their data and privacy cross-platforms. Users earn real money from data access and engagement.


Revenues are automatically, instantly and fairly shared among all value contributors into integrated digital user wallets of independent financial


Verified users rate travel businesses through a social index which positively drives sustainable behavior and supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Freedom of Speech

No censorship. The system is self-governed through a trust index by verified users, only restricted by local law and the policy of our Ubuntu pillars.


Power and control is democratised with voting rights and dividends shared by interconnected global users/platforms/investors who jointly define the rules on the system which apply local user jurisdictions.