South Africa: Western Cape Walkathon Route (preliminary plan)

In South Africa, while our steering committee in Cape Town is busy plotting and planning the walkathon route along the Western Cape province coastline, our committees in KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, and the Northern Cape are busy planning their events.

The Western Cape walkathon is being planned as a multi-stage 27-day route plan. It will be adjusted before being finalised and opened for participant registrations as we still need to physically hike the route to determine the terrain conditions, start- end-point GPS coordinates, transport accessibility, logistics, etcetera.

It is being posted here to serve as a general guide for other Country Steering Committees and is a preliminary plan.

DAY 1: ±33km / ±7-Hours – Bloukrans River Mouth to Plettenberg Bay

Start GPS: -33.979807, 23.647328 (33°58’47.3″S 23°38’50.4″E)
This route starts at the Western Cape provincial boundary and follows the Otter Trail (ends at Grootrivier), then Salt River Hiking Trail to Lookout Beach in Plettenberg Bay (camp on beach or use local accommodation establishments?)
Problem: Where do we setup on-site registration for participants and get them to this point as it is mid-trail?
End GPS:
-34.050679, 23.377677 (34°03’02.4″S 23°22’39.6”E)

DAY 2: ±44km / ±9-Hours – Plettenberg Bay to Knoetzie Beach

Robberg onwards is all cliff terrain interspersed with valleys and traverses private property (how do we get permissions?)
Local authority: Knysna Local Municipality
End GPS:
-34.080067, 23.128870 (34°04’48.2″S 23°07’43.9”E)

DAY 3: ±40km / ±8-Hours – Knoetzie Beach to Sedgefield 

Need a ferry to cross from Knysna Heads to Featherbed Nature Reserve (at Beach Bar?). Do we use Swartvlei Caravan Park for camping accommodation?
End GPS: -34.026706, 22.774691 (34°01’36.1″S 22°46’28.9″E) 

DAY 4: ±21km / ±4-Hours – Sedgefield to Wilderness 

Route walking is mostly along the beach.
End GPS: -33.996378, 22.563266 (33°59’47.0″S 22°33’47.8”E)

DAY 5: ±38km / ±8-Hours – Wilderness to Outeniqua Strand (Glentana Beach)

Very difficult terrain along this route section as it is mostly cliff-facing shoreline with valleys and gorges that need to be walked around. Also a lot of private property for which permission will need to be sought.
End GPS: -34.051025, 22.301928 -(34°03’03.7″S 22°18’06.9”E)

DAY 6: ±27km / ±6-Hours – Outeniqua Strand to Mossel Bay (Santos Beach)

Easy walking along pristine beach. Small river crossing at Klein Brak River but should be manageable.
End GPS: -34.177691, 22.137357 (34°10’39.7″S 22°08’14.5”E)

DAY 7: ±31km / ±6-Hours – Mossel Bay to Fransmanshoek 

Difficult terrain for fist ±10km but easy walking along the beach thereafter.
End GPS: -34.284132, 21.911299 (34°17’02.9″S 21°54’40.7”E)

DAY 8: ±35km / ±7-Hours – Fransmanshoek to Fynbosstrand (beach)

This route crosses the Gouritsmond River Mouth, which is usually closed by a sandbank. Also traverses private nature reserve land for which permission will be needed.
End GPS: -34.388841, 21.676918 (34°23’19.8″S 21°40’36.9”E)

DAY 9: ±24km / ±5-Hours – Fynbosstrand to StilBaai

End point at Lappiesbaai beach in front of Ellenrust Caravan Park (use their facilities for camping?).
End GPS: -34.373781, 21.429243 (34°22’25.6″S 21°25’45.3″E)

DAY 10: 47km / ±9-Hours – StilBaai to Puntjie Nature Reserve

River crossing at Duiwenhous River Mouth may be a problem. Consider camping in reserve?
End GPS: -34.365465, 21.003169 (34°21’55.7″S 21°00’11.4″E)

DAY 11: 37km / ±7-Hours – Puntjie to Noetsie (Klipdriftsfonteinspruit river mouth)

Breerivier river mouth seems deep for crossing
End GPS: -34.451359, 20.731116 -(34°27’04.9″S 20°43’52.0″E)

DAY 12: 56km / ±11-Hours – Noetsie to Arniston

End point at beach off Langklipkrans. A lot of private property on this route and difficult cliff shoreline terrain.
End GPS: -34.662005, 20.232251 (34°39’43.2″S 20°13’56.1″E)

DAY 13: 27km / ±5-Hours – Arniston to Struisbaai

Beautiful beach walk along this route. End point at Main Beach – in front of caravan park (use their facilities for camping?)
End GPS: -34.795349, 20.049740 (34°47’43.3″S 20°02’59.1″E)

Day 14: 11km / ±2-Hours – Struisbaai to L’Agulhas

This route is a bit to short – consider an inland detour to a point of interest? End point at Southern Tip of Africa parking – can a camp be setup there?
End GPS: -34.832571, 20.001710 (34°49’57.3″S 20°00’06.2″E)

DAY 15 : ±33km / ±7-Hours – L’Agulhas to Die Dam

Need permission to traverse Quoin Point Nature Reserve. End point at Caravan Park (use their facilities for camping?)
End GPS: -34.764140, 19.687878 (34°45’50.9″S 19°41’16.4″E)

DAY 16: ±30km / ±6-Hours – Die Dam to Pearly Beach

End point on beach (off Beach Rd / The Esplanade)
End GPS: -34.662934, 19.487616 -(34°39’46.6″S 19°29’15.4″E)

DAY 17: ±28km / ±6-Hours – Pearly Beach to Gansbaai

Work with Overstrand Local Municipality. Attractions along this route include Gansbaai Shark Research Centres. End point on beach opposite Romans Villa Boutique Guest House.
End GPS: -34.608636, 19.329467 (34°36’31.1″S 19°19’46.1″E)

DAY 18: ±27km / ±6-Hours – Gansbaai to Hermanus

Attractions along this route include the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, De Kelders Cave. End point at Grotto Beach – next to Klein River Lagoon Mouth off Grotto Street
End GPS: -34.416469, 19.292422 (34°24’59.3″S 19°17’32.7″E)

DAY 19: ±28km / ±6-Hours – Hermanus to Mereenbosch

Attractions along this route include Hermanus Cliff Path Biodiversity Walk. End point at Botrivier Lagoon Mouth beach near Fisherhaven & Benguela Cove
End GPS: -34.369216, 19.099632 (34°22’09.2″S 19°05’58.7″E)

DAY 20: ±34km / ±7-Hours – Mereenbosch to Cape Hangklip

Attractions along this route include Hoek-van-die-berg Private Nature Reserve, Rooisand Nature Reserve, Stony Point Penguin Colony, and Cape Hangklip Lighthouse. Camp on the beach?
End GPS: -34.379639, 18.828000 (34°22’46.7″S 18°49’40.8″E)

DAY 21: ±43km / ±5-Hours – Cape Hangklip to Strand

End point at Strand Beach (opposite Golf Club – near Cheetah Outreach & Triggerfish Brewing)
End GPS: -34.100656, 18.811860 (34°06’02.4″S 18°48’42.7″E)

DAY 22: ±24km / ±9-Hours – Strand to Strandfontein

Protected bathing area at end point offers ample parking off Baden Powell Drive.
End GPS: -34.087215, 18.553028 (34°05’14.0″S 18°33’10.9″E)

DAY 23: ±22km / ±5-Hours – Strandfontein to Simons Town

Camping on Navy Sports Field? (next to Institute for Maritime Tech)
End GPS: -34.193664, 18.443997 (34°11’37.2″S 18°26’38.4″E)

DAY 24: ±22km / ±5-Hours – Simons Town to Cape Point

Note: Need to source a local hiking club for advice on route across Cape Point. Is there enough space for camping at end point? Overnight Huts (SanParks)
End GPS: -34.343805, 18.473372 (34°20’37.7″S 18°28’24.1″E)

DAY 25: ±27km / ±6-Hours – Cape Point to Scarborough Beach

Mostly along hiking trail footpath and then following beach shoreline. Camp on beach?
End GPS: -34.199713, 18.371962 (34°11’59.0″S 18°22’19.1″E)

DAY 26 : ±29km / ±6-Hours – Scarborough to Hout Bay

After Noordhoek beach, this route diverts to the M6 Chapman’s Peak Drive – will need to obtain permission and traffic control. Camp on beach in front of Dunes Beach Restaurant or use local accommodation?
End GPS: -34.045823, 18.355398 (34°02’45.0″S 18°21’19.4″E)

DAY 27 : ±23km / ±5-Hours – Hout Bay to Cape Town

OFFICIAL LAUNCH at V&A Waterfront on World Tourism Day (Monday 27 September 2021).
Route follows Victoria St (M6) from Hout Bay and then along Clifton Beach and the Seaport Promenade to the V&A Waterfront (end point in front of Camelot Spa The Table Bay or at the Amphitheatre for official proceedings?)
Do we book a venue for dinner & official proceedings? Can we setup a mobile camp at Grann Point Park?
End GPS: -33.902237, 18.422427 (33°54’08.1″S 18°25’20.7″E)

DAYS 28-31

Q: Do we continue the walkathon from Cape Town to end at the Western Cape borderline near Lepelsfontein (-31.151979, 17.757600) by the 31st? It’s a coastline distance of ±474 km, so at an average of 40 km/per day it would add 12 days.



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