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There are several ways that you can play a part in supporting
Walk4Africa and the Africa Coastal Odyssey.



For the Walk4Africa project, we need to initially raise 5,000 USD. This funding will be used to register Walk4Africa as a NPO (Non-Profit Organisation), secure insurance cover, appoint auditors to ensure transparency, and order a limited supply of branded W4A merchandise. Our USA Ambassador, American football linebacker Quentin Gause, has setup a crowdfunding plea on GoFundIt, which can be accessed by clicking on the button above.


The Africa Coastal Odyssey needs to raise 80,000 USD for the first year (South Africa and Namibia routes). This funding will be used to build a purpose-designed expedition trailer for the two-person team to cart about 100 kg of equipment and provisions, to purchase equipment, and for hosting twelve journalism students for 7-days each, including their transportation and food costs.

We’ve created an online shop where you can purchase items that will help to finance both the Walk4Africa and the Coastal Odyssey projects.


Browse the gallery of images from some of the world’s best wildlife and nature photographers and order museum-quality canvas wall art prints. For every order processed, 28% will go towards funding our costs (after delivery charges).
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Travel & Tourism is at the heart of what we do. Particularly sustainable tourism. So we’ve asked our founding members in each of our 40 host countries to offer exclusive deals for our members and donors. For every booking made through our shop, we’ll earn a commission. 
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Grants are another way for us to raise funding. These are non-repayable funds or products disbursed or given by government departments, corporations, foundations or trusts. If you know of a grant funding programme that may align with our mission, please do let us know by clicking on the button above.


Sponsors are essential to making both the walkathons and the Odyssey storytelling expeditions successful. We need sponsors for transportation (road, air, and sea), clothing/merchandising, over-night accommodation, non-perishable foods, energy drinks, camping equipment, etc.
If you manage a sponsorship budget, or know of a sponsor who may be interested, please do let us know.