The What, Why, How, and When of the Events4All Marketplace App

Read on to find out more about listing, finding, joining, and booking outdoor adventure tourism activities in Africa.


What is Events4All?

Events4All (E4A) is an online marketplace specifically built for outdoor sport and adventure activities in Africa. To further define it, E4A is an e-commerce app that connects sellers (Africa-based outdoor activity product owners) with buyers (domestic and international tourists). Booking transactions are securely processed within the app and then fulfilled by the listed activity owner.

Paraglider silhouette against clouds

Image by Günther Schneider from Pixabay.


Image by Shri Ram from Pixabay.


Why an Event Marketplace?

According to market statistics*, Africa’s share of the
$282 billion global adventure tourism revenue earned
in 2021 is estimated at $112.2 million. 

That’s a market share of just 0.04%!

Africa needs to change the stats.



How will Africa’s stats change?

By the adventure tourism sector collaborating to create a pan-African database. An online space where all Africa-based outdoor event organisers can list and promote their activities. A marketplace for eco-conscious travellers to find, book, and experience outdoor activities safely while contributing to sustainable tourism mandates.

Mountain bikers on a bush path

Image by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay.


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Image by Andreas Schau from Pixabay.


When will Events4All launch?

Q3, 2023. We’re under pressure to get the basic MVP of the outdoor events app launched. It may not have all the features of the ultimate envisoned product but it will be user-friendly, secure, and free for users to list, find, follow, and book outdoor sport and adventure activities in Africa.